Elaine Douvas teaches at the following schools and learning institutions - please scroll down for more detailed information about each school listed below:

The Juilliard School

The Juilliard Pre-college

Mannes College

Bard College Conservatory

Aspen Music Festival

Hidden Valley Music Seminars (Carmel, CA)

Elaine Douvas Master Conference Adult Seminar (Michigan)

The Juilliard School:

The oboe faculty at Juilliard has designed a program to cover all aspects of oboe literature (orchestral, solo and etude), English horn instruction, reed making, and repair.  Oboe instructors Elaine Douvas and Nathan Hughes and English horn instructor Scott Hostetler function as a team and foster a supportive group atmosphere.  Oboe class meets every Monday, 4-7pm, and the students receive instruction from all of the teachers; they benefit from hearing each other and observing the instruction of their fellow students.     

Each oboist has a primary lesson teacher who gives him/her 26 lessons per year.  Linda Strommen, Professor of Oboe at Indiana University, is a visiting instructor, giving 4 lessons per year to each oboe student at Juilliard.  The group classes described below are in addition to private lessons.

The orchestral literature class meets once a month and is taught by Nathan Hughes.  About 50 complete works are covered in a two-year rotation, following a well outlined syllabus.  Students are asked to study one complete major work per week, listening to 3 recorded examples, and using a complete oboe part and a full score. 

Etude class also meets once per month and is taught by Elaine Douvas.  The entire Barret and Ferling methods are covered in a 2-4 year rotation, following an organized syllabus.  The oboe faculty seeks to perpetuate the tradition of teaching universal musical principles through etudes and to prepare students to be effective teachers.

English horn is a required part of the oboe curriculum and is taught by Scott Hostetler, English hornist of the Chicago Symphony and oboe instructor at Northwestern University, visiting four times per year.

Each oboe student receives 4 private lessons per year and 12 hours of English horn class, covering audition literature, solo works, and reed making.  English horn is required for juries in the junior and senior years and in both years of the master’s degree.

Solo repertoire is covered in lessons and in two guest master classes each year.  There is an annual Oboe Class Recital, where each student performs a 10-minute solo work.

Each of the teachers gives one 3-hour reed making class, and most of the follow-up work is done in private lessons, as this is so individual.  Written material is provided. Repair skills are essential to be able to play the oboe fluently, to handle emergencies, and to become an expert teacher.  There are two repair classes per year, covering adjustment screws, crack gluing, pad changing, spring changing, octave vent and tone-hole cleaning, and tuning of tone holes.  

There are three placement auditions each year, two on oboe and one on English horn, behind a screen, intended to prepare students for professional orchestra auditions.  There is an 8-semester rotation of audition repertoire.

The Juilliard Pre-college:

The Juilliard Pre-college is a Saturday program offering comprehensive conservatory-style music training for students 8-18 years old who exhibit the talent, potential, and ambition to pursue serious music study at the college level. Students work with world-class faculty - many of whom are on the Juilliard college faculty. Students participate in orchestra, theory class, reed making class, chamber music and private lessons. Ms. Douvas joined the faculty of Pre-college in 2016. Serious students sometimes commute from other cities on the east coast because of the excellence of the program. Auditions are held in May for the following fall. There are approximately 8 oboe students divided between two orchestras.

Mannes College:

Information regarding Mannes College will be added to this page in the near future. 

Bard College Conservatory:

There are 3 teachers comprising the oboe faculty of Bard College Conservatory:  Elaine Douvas, principal oboe of the Metropolitan Opera, Alexandra Knoll, principal oboist of the American Symphony Orchestra, and Melissa Hooper, assistant principal oboist of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. One of us will work with you almost every week, for both private lessons and a group class. The 3 teachers usually travel to Bard, but occasionally we might ask you to travel to New York City (travel expenses are paid by Bard). In addition to your 26 private lessons per year, we have designed a comprehensive curriculum, covering orchestral, solo and etude repertoire, as well as reed making, oboe repair, and training on the English horn.  The oboe faculty functions as a team, we foster a supportive group atmosphere, and we write reports to each other to give continuity between the teachers. Oboe class meets 2 hours per week, rotating topics, so students receive instruction from all of the teachers.  We believe you will benefit from hearing each other and observing the instruction of your fellow students.

Oboe study at Bard, in addition to your private lessons:

· Elaine Douvas will teach Etude Class, 7 classes per year, covering the entire Barret method book, 2-4 year cycle, learn universal musical principles through etudes, prepare to be effective teachers.  Her 8th class will be on the placement audition packet.

· Alexandra Knoll teaches 7 classes per year on Orchestral Literature:  fifty complete works, 3-year rotation, study 3 recorded examples, use complete oboe part and full score.  Her 8th class will be on the placement audition packet.

· Melissa Hooper teaches English horn class, reed making classes, and oboe repair using detailed written material for reed making and repair.  Repair class, at least 1 per year:  adjustment screws, possibly also crack gluing, pads, springs, cleaning and tuning of tone holes, essential skills to play oboe fluently, handle emergencies, become expert teachers.

· Audition preparation:  3 placement auditions/year, 2 oboe, 1 English horn, using screen, 8-semester rotation of rep.

We hope this course of study sounds exciting for you; we believe that this well organized plan of study will help you develop all of your repertoire and skills.  We will do our very best to prepare you for a happy life in music.  Please contact one of us if you have any questions or concerns.

Elaine Douvas: edouvas@optonline.net

Alexandra Knoll: alexandra_knoll@yahoo.com

Melissa Hooper:  melissalhooper@hotmail.com

Aspen Music Festival:

Information regarding Aspen Music Festival will be added to this page in the near future. 

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